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Our unique approach has secured long-term, high-quality partners in Europe and the US.

High-tech industry that excels in the research and development of non-standard electric heating elements.

At DNR next, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our expertise is backed by years of experience in the industry, allowing us to deliver innovative and high-quality heating solutions. 


Product Quality

Our product quality will be controlled throughout the entire process from design, review, raw materials, production to delivery. Every process will be inspected with the cooperation of engineers and quality inspection teams. Only with sufficient control over product quality can we help customers solve complex application challenges in the design and production of high-precision heating elements with high power density, ultra long lifespan, and high precision.



Thanks to our factory's over 20 years of production experience in the electric heater industry, we have upgraded almost all production processes to highly automated and intelligent production equipment. At the same time, the testing equipment we use (such as cold/hot electrical performance testing instruments, high-precision dimensional measurement, centerless grinding calibration, X-ray testing, etc.) meets the international quality system certification (ISO: 9001).


Advanced Technology

In order to welcome the arrival of the era of fully intelligent production, we have summarized our years of production experience and independently developed highly automated production equipment in our factory. We have achieved leapfrog improvements in precision control, quality control, and production efficiency


Excellent Innovative Thinking / Professional Technology / Extensive Successful Experience since 2005.


Our high-tech facilities and plant integrating R&D, design, production, and operations cover an area of over 2,000 square meters. Simply tell us your needs, we will analyze the requirements, study the feasibility of the proposal, provide a customized budget, and proceed with the development and manufacture of your products.


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Our advantages. Why choose us?

Facing a challenging market (Choosing the right market)

Regardless of any challenges related to ambient temperature that may arise during your engineering project, DNR has the professional expertise and experience to develop unique solutions for you, giving your project a competitive advantage in the market. Contact us today and we will help you achieve your heating goals with innovative, reliable, and customized solutions.

Our technology (Choosing the right technology)

Our heating elements have advanced technology, outstanding and unique manufacturing processes, diversified pipe design, high-quality thermal conductivity, and special reinforcement treatment. We excel in the production of high-density, high-precision, and long-lasting heating elements. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with well-known 3D printer manufacturers in many European and American countries to ensure our reliable quality.

Contact us today and let us help you achieve your heating objectives with innovative, reliable, and customized solutions.

  • Food Service: Our heating solutions are designed to enhance the performance of fryers, ovens, grills, warning cabinets, and dishwashers, enabling efficient and reliable operation.
  • Packaging Industry: We offer specialized heating solutions such as seal bars, seal dies, adhesive heating and dispensing systems, shrink tunnels and ovens, hot air sealing and drying equipment, and heated hole punches. These solutions meet the unique heating requirements of the packaging industry.
  • Plastics Processing Industry: Our high-performance heaters, sensors, and controllers are tailored to meet the specific demands of plastic processing applications, including injection molding, hot runner systems, and blow molding.
  • 3D Printing Industry: With our expertise in heater cartridge manufacturing, we are a trusted partner for renowned 3D printing companies in Europe and the United States. Our heaters offer stable wattage, long service life (up to 10,000 hours), and superior performance.
  • Energy Industry: We provide specialized Hot-Tube: Downhole Electric Heating Systems for the petrochemical industry, enabling efficient and reliable petroleum extraction processes.
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Whether you operate in the food service, packaging, plastics processing, 3D printing, or molten salt energy industry, we have the expertise and capabilities to develop heating solutions that drive your business forward.



International Reach

Global Vision,
Local Solutions

With a global mindset, we operate on an international scale, catering to clients from diverse industries worldwide. Our unique formula of material selection and process design, coupled with our commitment to excellent quality and service, has earned us long-term partnerships with esteemed organizations in Europe, the United States, and beyond.

We take pride in our ability to provide localized, customized solutions while leveraging our global expertise to meet the unique requirements of each market.


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